Notes from the Artist, Noah Scalin: I was inspired to work with arranged embroidery floss because it resembles the rope of the fishing nets that have led to the decimation of the Vaquita population. Yet at the same time it is also beautiful, delicate and impermanent (since it is not affixed to a surface and only lasts long enough to document), which is an appropriate way to represent the lovely Vaquita, whose existence is so tenuous.

More About ¡Viva Vaquita!: was conceived on 09/09/09 by concerned researchers and educators from three nonprofit organizations, Cetos Research Organization, Save The Whales, and American Cetacean Society (Monterey Bay Chapter). In order to save this Critically Endangered species we realize we must work together and hope more organizations will join us in our campaign to Save The Vaquita. Our goals and mission are to generate awareness of the Vaquita and to promote a healthy Upper Gulf of California ecosystem. Ultimately, we aim to help save the Vaquita from extinction, and to do so in a way that also provides long-term benefits to the fisherman and other residents of Baja California, Mexico.